vineri, 30 septembrie 2016

David Minasian - Random Acts Of Beauty

David Minasian is known as producer of some of CAMEL's DVD and when listening to the album you can't avoid to state that the guy has lot in common with Andy Latimer. Especially the two first tracks of the album (Masquerade & Chambermaid) reminds me Camel's work of the 1990s (Dust & Dreams, Harbours of Tears, Rajaz) which is certainly not a negative critic in my view. If Camel would have released a record in 2010 it might have sounded like this.

You can't of course reduce David Minasian's work to some clone of Camel as he brings his own elements in it. The disc gives a proheminent place to piano, which is no surprise given Minasian's background. There is also an intelligent use of cello, violin, flute,... At this point, you may think the result is a smooth and warm album, this is true (some passages reminds me David Lanz and Yanni). But, there is also a more rock side in it. Best example being "Storming the caste" track which include some great electric guitar riff. But along the whole album, Minasian finds the right balance between acoustic and electric, between soft and energetic.

Production is brilliant (no surprise again given Minasian's background) but this allows to fully enjoy the album. To conclude, the album's title is fully right: this is an "act of beauty". Just run to get this album, this is a must have. (Sursa)