marți, 3 iunie 2008


TRANSATLANTIC is Prog's premier super group. A truly illustrious collection of amazing talent that push the barriers which redefine the meaning of a progressive rock supergroup! Of course thats no surprise, looking at the all-star line-up: keyboardist / vocalist Neal Morse (Spocks Beard), drummer Mike Portney (Dream Theater), guitarist Roine Stolt (Flower Kings), and bassist Pete Trewavas (Marillion). Together, these multitalented guys have created some truly amazing music. For an all-star progressive rock band, TRANSATLANTIC has a chance to make some musical noise in the United States.

All four musicians agree that "SMPTe" is a timeless piece of rock history and one that shows such diverse influences as PINK FLOYD, YES, GENESIS, KING CRIMSON and The BEATLES. This album captures some of the finest progressive rock ever recorded. Barring the prog-nazis and their arrogant opinions! "Bridge Across Forever" is definitely more of a full-band effort. Those familiar with all the band members styles will certainly identify everyones characteristic touches -- Morses melody, Stolts vibrant playing, Trewevas tasteful licks, Portnoys intense drumming. Also appearing are: Chris Carmichael, violin, viola and cello; Keith Mears, saxophone; and the "Elite" choir, background vocals. Each member of the band gets a shot at lead vocals, and the vocal harmonies are outstanding. In all cases, the musicianship is intense, technical, and ambitious, but never goes over-the-top. Made for fans by fans, "Bridge Across Forever" will stand the test of time to epitomize progressive rock. Sursa:

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